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Humanity 2.0 in the Age of Exponential and Deep Technologies

  • TheShop. Build Makerspace 926 Howard Street San Francisco, CA, 94122 United States (map)

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Human relationships are facing massive shifts at every scale, from how we work and form families, to inclusiveness in our democracy and culture and economy, to what we believe about our innermost selves and where we fit in the Universe. Unlike past shifts, the driver today is not some new philosophy or religion, but technology – which means we’re seeing a millennium of change in the space of one lifetime. Artificial intelligence and robotics are reshaping workplaces. Social hacking, surveillance, and cryptocurrency are upending our democracies and economies. Synthetic biology and hyper-longevity are putting life and death in human control. There’s more out there already, and more still to come.

Some of the questions that we will address include:

  • How should we prepare ourselves, as individuals and collectively, for technologies like artificial creativity, autonomous (and flying!) cars, quantum computing, and synthetic biology?
  • How should we start the conversation regarding moral and ethical codes that are so needed to provide the necessary guidelines for this future?
  • Will technology drive further disparity between different groups, classes, genders, and other aspects of identity, will it provide a platform for bridging today’s gaps, or will it blur us into something new?
  • Could technologies of interconnectivity – those we use to interact with other humans and machines – help us understand (or destroy) how we define ourselves as individuals and collectives?

This panel and the networking conversation that follows will explore these changes, the specific technologies driving them, and some of the latest ideas and experiments showing us what’s next. As diverse as they and we are, a unified view could be possible – and revolutionary. Drinks and appetizers provided!Join the conversation with:

  • Cecilia MoSze Tham, Social Technologist @ Telefonica Alpha. Cecilia works at Alpha, Telefonica’s moonshot organization, applying technology to solve global challenges. She is a serial entrepreneur and founder of MOB, the largest co-working community in Barcelona; FabCafe, a digital fabrication lab meets coffee shop; and, the first crowdfunding platform for the next generation of women and tech. She is a recent fellow at the Singularity University Global Solution Program, an adjunct professor at Parsons New School of Design, and serves on the board of advisors for the city government of Barcelona.
  • Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz. Director of Development @ The Long Now Foundation. Nicholas advances the mission of The Long Now by building and fostering relationships with the people and organizations who support the foundation's vision for long-term thinking and responsibility. Nicholas has a broad academic background that spans systems engineering, design thinking, contemporary philosophy, and depth psychology. He is currently interested in phenomenological conceptions of time and responsibility.
  • Jenn Hirsch, Global Technology Trend Scout @ Ernst & Young. Jenn is focused on finding the latest companies and trends across the globe. Emphasis on CyberSecurity, AI, Analytics, Governance, Communication & Coordination tools. Favorite futurist topics include the workplace, collaboration, international, education, and environment. And always ask her about surfing.
  • Nick Pinkston, CEO @ Plethora. In Nick’s vision for the future of manufacturing, engineers are able to make better designs and produce them effortlessly – with the help of powerful interfaces and flexible production technologies. Plethora will not stop until everyone on Earth has easy access to every tool they need to turn their ideas into reality.
  • Vytas SunSpiral - Director of Advanced Technology @ ZymergenVytas is an entrepreneurial researcher moving fluidly between leading startups and building research labs to explore cutting edge robotic and AI technologies. Over the last 20 years, he has been the founder, CTO, and Advisor of multiple startups, a Fellow of the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program, founder and Principal Investigator of the Dynamic Tensegrity Robotics Lab (DTRL) at NASA Ames Research Center, and research coordinator for many academic labs throughout the nation. At Zymergen, he leads the advanced technology team helping the company engineer and optimize the genome of microbes to produce industrially useful materials.
  • Moderator: Mark Bünger. Mark focuses on strategic planning and advanced technologies in bio-, aero-, and energy domains. Over 20 years and across 40 countries, he has worked as a management consultant, technology analyst and entrepreneur at Accenture, Forrester Research, Lux Research, and several startups. He has served as chairman of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce and guest lectures at the University of California Berkeley.
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