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Global Head of Design

host of The Crazy One podcast

“Cecilia is a force of nature and the only person I refer as a ‘mastermind’. 




Calle Bailen 11

Barcelona, Spain 08010

ID: I_am_mastermind



Cecilia MoSze Tham is a serial entrepreneur based in Barcelona. Born in Hong Kong, she came to the US as a teen. After undergrad studies in Biology at Emory, she earned her Masters in Architecture at Harvard, and graduated valedictorian. Architecture brought her to Barcelona, where she started a family, and propelled by the challenges of yet another country, language, and culture, began to channel her experience and energy into collectively empowering others.    

In 2011, she started Makers of Barcelona, the first co-working space in the city, with an emphasis on people helping people to learn skills and build their own businesses The community has grown to more than 300 members. In 2013 she started FabCafe, bringing in novel technologies for digital manufacturing, like 3D printing and electronics - another first for the area. In 2018 she started AllWomen, a school for training women in data science, artificial intelligence, and other technology skills overwhelmingly dominated by men.


From 2018-2020, she joined Alpha, Telefonica's long-term, impact-oriented innovation moonshot factory. There she was part of the ideation team that developed solutions for massive social problems including food systems, mental health, education, and sustainability - moving the concepts from research and prototyping to launch as independent startups. 

One of those startups is her current company, Futurity Systems. With a mission to build better futures faster, the company uses data science and industrial design to solve problems in food, urban economies, gender and racial bias, and other societal needs.

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